Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sabbath Afternoon at the Bohl's

On Sabbath afternoon, Jeannie invited us out after lunch. We had such a nice relaxing time. And the best part: Leyton & the girls PLAYED IN THE MUD! Nothing like good old mud puddles. It was so fun to watch them play and get dirty, since it isn't something we spend much time doing living in town. Then we went on a walk by their place down to a body of water. Brannen couldn't stop throwing rocks down into the water, which was only not a good idea because there were several guys fishing on this little bridge area. When I would ask him to stop throwing the rocks in, he's say "Mom, I have to." Little stinker. Corey then saddled up their horses and the kids all got to ride. Very exciting to Leyton, especially. To end the evening even better, they watched the kids for us in the evening, and Brad and I went on a movie date with another couple. What a great day!

At this moment, Lilly realized that mud had just filled her boot. Her face on this one and the next picture is quite priceless.

She was not too happy...

But, of course, it didn't take long for her to flash her big smile again!

Lilly, Hannah, Leyton, & Gracie

Up on the dirt mountain

Leyton's Mud Boots

Violet with Jeannie

What could be more fun than throwing rocks in the lake...

Violet watching the kids down below

After a few steps of this sweetness, Brannen was practically dragging Violet along. But cute while it lasted.

Brannen with daddy

Bella riding in on her 4-wheeler

The gang - Derek, Jeremy, & Bella

Violet gets a ride

Now Gracie & Lilly's turn

Ethan & Leyton trying to trap the sheep in the corner. They did succeed one time, actually.

Time to ride horse!

Hannah & Leyton

Now Leyton & Brannen

Lilly's turn

Derek riding very independently

Sophie, Wanda, Violet, & Dave

Gracie leading Sophie

Wanda on her horse


Anonymous said...

What a fun Sabbath.

Anonymous said...

Wow Suse, what great photos!!! I want you to help me get a blog set up! I hate downloading photos on facebook, it never works right! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend in SF. Love ya, can't wait till our weekly get-together:) love, Chrystal