Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random in April

So as you can tell, I'm trying to play catch-up with blogging... Here are some more fun pictures from April that I came across.

Yes, he is smiling that big because he is sitting on his dad's face...

On a Sabbath afternoon, we went out hiking at Troutman's Grove over by the Pipestem. We were hoping it was too early for tics... but we were wrong. They were everywhere already. Still, we managed to get through without much insult.

Brad's Aunt Coreen and cousin's (Janae, Jody, Mindy, & Paul) were heading through on their way to Cleveland. It was fun to see them and go hiking together.

More of the gang after the hike.

Brannen was gobbling down strawberries.

Nothing like playing on the countertop...