Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More in May

A week ago Sabbath baby Bowen Engelhart entered the world (5 weeks before he was supposed to :) !! I tried like mad to switch out of my weekend of work, but was unable to, so Brad and the boys went over on Sunday to meet him. What a sweetie!

Auntie Jolene and her new little babe

Nothing cuter than little boys in boxer briefs:

Brannen making his 'scary face'.

And a wrestling match ensues.

Hillcrest School at a Spring Program last week. I missed most of it since I was working, but did get a couple of pictures:

Tara, Nalyna (visiting from Colorado), Jodi, Chrystal, Susie, Danel, & Jeannie

Brad watched Derek, Bella, & Max for awhile while the girls had Ladies Night at the church. When I came back, they wanted to play Ninjas, so I dressed them all up in random towels and pillowcases. Turned out pretty cute:

This was 2 days after the snow. Mother's Day, actually. Nice enough to do a little yard work!:


Mindy said...

It looks like you guys have been busy lately Susie. Baby Bowen Chase is sooo cute isn't he! I haven't seen him in person yet but Jody, Mom, Tabby, Janae, and Paul did and they brought Dad and I pictures. God blessings Mindy

Anonymous said...

Post some naked pics please

Anonymous said...

Yes please

Anonymous said...

Next time wrestle naked!