Friday, May 7, 2010

Last Visit to Sioux Falls

On our way home from Lincoln, the boys and I stopped off at Sioux Falls for a night. Luckily, I had some extra time on my trip, since Brad had gone home on Sunday with his Aunt and Grandma. It's so fun for the cousin's to get to hang out together.

Afton - Yummy cookie!



For part of the evening, I was hanging out with all the little ones and Micah. Although I didn't think I was doing too bad keeping track of the five younger ones, at one point I went to search for Afton. She had already scooted over a big stool to reach a sucker that was high up on the counter top (wrapper on the floor as evidence) and had taken the last cookie, went to her booster seat, and was sneakily enjoying it. She so had given me the "Oh no, I'm caught" look just before I took the 2nd picture. Too clever!:

Kyler and his dog

Zarin & Kacey sharing doughnuts

Zarin making his scary face

Braxon ready for bed

But not ready for sleep. This is where they had found Braxon after they thought he had gone to sleep. He had gotten up, went into another bedroom, crawled beside a dresser in the closet, curled up, and fell asleep!

Good morning! He still awoke rested and sweet!


Afton, Braxon, Zarin, Leyton, & Brannen


Sam said...

Hey Sus! Some great pics of the kiddos - can't wait to see you next week!