Friday, May 7, 2010

Easter Weekend in Lincoln

We spent Easter weekend down in Lincoln, NE! It was so fun, and it had been quite awhile since we had been there. We knew it would be the last time seeing Tyson for quite some time, since he is off traveling around the world (just left the country yesterday, actually). It was the first of decent weather for us to enjoy, too, so we took advantage of it. We stayed at Rachel & Scott's place. And it was Homecoming for Alumni of UC, so we saw even more people than we usually do. Plus, I got a few days extra because Brad was able to ride up home with his Aunt Tammy and Grandma Joyce instead of all of us having to leave on Sunday, so that was a treat! What a fabulous trip! And here are a bazillion pictures:

Just after getting to town on Friday, we went to a miniature golfing place we always used to go to with Jeremy, Heather, and Erin. The kids are 'big golfers', so they loved it.

Jeremy, Heather, Erin, Leyton, & Brannen (Jeremy, this was the only non-incriminating one :)

Leyton putted this hole about 10 times, he loved watching it wind down and around and around.

At Friday night vespers, Tyson was honored as an upcoming Student Missionary.

The boys at church on Sabbath (at College View).

Tyson and his buns.

Brannen and Maddy after we ate at the Alumni potluck in the gym.

Then we headed back to Rachel & Scott's for Easter egg dying. The kids had a blast!:

Sabbath evening we played at a park near their house before heading out to eat at Noodles:

Maddy wrote an instruction letter to the Easter Bunny Saturday night. "Happy Easter! Please hide these eggs and sign in cursive. Love, Maddy" With "A little treat" of carrots in a bowl. So cute!

Tyson & Brad

Rachel's cat Ivy May found his place in a basket where the eggs were.

Early Easter morning, the kids awoke at Rachel and Scott's to the baskets that the bunny dropped off:

Then they were off for the big easter egg hunt! My kids are not early risers, even on Easter morning... but didn't do too bad.

The bunny found some pretty clever places...

Then we celebrated all over again at Jeremy and Heathers!:

Heather had a scavenger hunt ready for the boys when we got there with clues hidden inside plastic eggs.

They found the loot in the dryer :)


Super awesome water squirters that both boys can manage on their own.

Just after Leyton shot water at us through the kitchen window where we were doing dishes. He was so proud of himself.

Egg dying:

Erin & Brannen

Leyton & Stephen

Another afternoon at the park with the girls:

On Monday, we had some of the day when everyone was either at class or at work. So I took the boys to the UNL Morrill Hall Museum (we always used to call it the Elephant Museum back when we were in college). The kids loved it! It took Brannen some convincing to not be scared of the skeletons, though.

This one in particular. Brannen was standing at the doorway and wouldn't come in because this is "He's cool, huh?" And Brannen replied, "No, him creepy."

Digging for fossils.