Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sioux Falls Fun

Back in May, my two little ones, my mom, and myself went down to spend the weekend in Sioux Falls. It was a great time for many reasons, but especially because Jeremy and his family drove up from Lincoln, so me and my 3 brothers and mom spent some time together. Haven't done that in quite awhile! On the Saturday night we were there, we went down to a small town south of Sioux Falls to an Old Thyme Dinner Theatre that had a play called 'The Movie Game' starring Paul's girlfriend Meghan. It was a special time for the adults to get out together, and Kacey was gracious enough to stay home with all the kiddos. Mom's birthday was the following week, so Meghan arranged for a cake with lots of candles to be brought out to her during the play intermission, which was very much a surprise to her. On Sunday, we spent most of the day at the Falls. Very beautiful! Here are a bazillion pictures of our trip:

Mom trying to keep track of all the grandkids...

Erin & Susie

Paul & Stephen

Heather & Jeremy

Look at that blazing fire!

Braxon & Micah

We were eating at Sonic. Lots of rocks and a water pond are not a good mix when it's an eat outside family restaurant... After repeated "No throwing rocks" instructions to all the kids, Brannen decided to pick up a small rock and gently roll it down the big ones. Then was proud in saying "I not drowing it."

Waiting for lunch...

There were neat inspiring chalk writings all throughout the falls.

Skipping rocks down on the water

Sam & Zarin

Chilling on the rocks

Heather & Jeremy

Mom was having a tough time on the rocks with her sandals, so Jeremy helped her out a little...

Mom & Sam

Treats from Uncle Sam

When Brannen saw this photo just now he said "That my friend Micah."

Leyton, Erin, Brannen, Paul, Micah, Zarin, & Stephen

Erin, Paul, & Stephen

Mom with her 4 kids

Micah & Zarin

We were there the weekend before the twins' 3rd birthday, so we brought them down their presents.

Fresh out of the bath Zarin

Braxon was most excited about the little basketball

And Zarin loved the Thomas the Train book we brought for him.

Afton decided she wanted the ball, notice the cute pouting in the background.

Kacey & Sam

Kyler exercising with Brannen's help

Meghan & Paul

A good 'ol fit because he wanted to be in the van... and no I wouldn't let him because it was waaayy too hot and we were not ready to leave yet.

Yes, Zarin is chalking his face