Saturday, March 20, 2010

Helpful Big Brother

In the last month, Leyton has been amazing with being very helpful to me. He has taken it upon himself to shower both himself and his little brother every evening! All I say is "It's shower time" and get their towels ready and the boys undress themselves, run downstairs, and Leyton does the showering from start to finish. I've witnessed it, and he means business. He sweetly gets Brannen to comply with all his directions... for scrubbing his hair, rinsing it under the water, and washing 'everything' that needs cleaning. I heard Leyton say, "Brannen, it's time for the armpit squeeze" which means he takes the soapy poofy and helps Brannen squeeze it in his armpit to get clean. It's been pretty cute to watch. This day specifically that I have the pictures from below, he took it as far as dressing him from head to toe. Even the diaper! I had never seen that before... It is so fun watching them grow together!