Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three Down, One to Go

Leyton ended up staying well after the Thursday evening repeated illness. Come Sunday, we thought we were all in the clear finally. Thought wrong. We went out on a 2 hour hike to the golf course near our house to enjoy the beautiful weather and find lost golf balls. At the end of the hike, I got literally showered with Brannen sickness. And boy was he sick! Aside from emesis, he slept, nearly delirious, about 22 of 24 hours straight. It was bittersweet to just cuddle and coddle him the whole time, since I thankfully did not have to work. Now he's up and running again! Next of course, Brad is down for the count. Got it Monday night, definitely worse than the boys, and he's still under the weather. I'm sure hoping and praying to escape this one, but I'm guessing it is only a matter of time...

Enough about being sick!!!!

Tonight was beautiful! After getting off work this evening, we had our 1st campfire. The boys ate their supper outside. Then we roasted some perfect marshmallows. Yum! OOoohh how I can't wait to go camping now!

What is it about boys being so compelled to pee on a fire?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unusual week

This has been a fairly unusual week. My work schedule has been scattered - early mornings and late evenings, so that throws things off from the start... And Leyton has been sick. He got the stomach flu late Tuesday evening, after being at daycare Monday where I guess several kids have been sick this week. The first clue was that he wanted to take a nap after supper. He was such a sweet thrower upper - so quiet and tried to handle it by himself. But for several hours just laid there, very pale, staring off into space... By Wednesday morning, he was much better - pretty much back to himself. So we thought we were smooth sailing. Then again late Thursday evening (while I was working again), he took another evening nap. We were hoping this was just catching up from earlier in the week. But, low and behold, he shot straight up from the couch and was sick again! After talking to daycare, it has been a weird cycle of illness where you are sick, get better, and then are sick again several days later. Ugh! He's been so sweet through this! And luckily, he is the only victim... so far...! And Brad has been phenomenal dealing with everything from the front lines.

Letyon this morning, starting to feel better, so tried to paint on a smile.

Here are a couple of other silly stories amongst the photos:

Leyton wanted a pair of handcuffs, so he got them... as a little sick present. Wednesday afternoon, I went back to lay Brannen down for a nap. Often, I'll let myself snooze for a little bit... but luckily I was only back there about 15 minutes, because I came out to the living room and found that Leyton had handcuffed himself to the table! And the keys were about 2 feet out of reach. He was fine, and not scared at all, but just laid there quietly, and said to me when I came around the corner, "Mom, could you maybe grab the keys for me. I kinda locked myself to the table." He has now learned how to do the safely release lever without needing keys. What a silly boy!

This morning, I asked Brannen to run and grab a diaper so we could change it. It took him awhile back in the bedroom, which I didn't think much of. But when he came out, jammies were off and he had no diaper on. I asked him, "Brannen, where is your diaper?" "In my room." Then he boisterously said, "I pee-peed in da trash." Not potty trained yet, I didn't think he would have done that. But he did!!! He has been such a silly goof lately, saying such funny little things every day. So much fun!


Got to go out bike riding for the 1st time! Yea, Spring is here!

Grandma Mary came to Jamestown last week. Brad and I celebrated our 8th anniversary last Wedneday! So she came and babysat and we went on a date. We don't do that very often, so dinner and a movie was such a treat!

Playing 'Just Dance' on the Wii - super fun!

Leyton has starting "reading" books to his brother at night, too. Not really reading, of course, but picks books he has heard so much he tells them from recall and from the pictures.

On Sabbath, while I was at work, the boys took another ride with daddy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Helpful Big Brother

In the last month, Leyton has been amazing with being very helpful to me. He has taken it upon himself to shower both himself and his little brother every evening! All I say is "It's shower time" and get their towels ready and the boys undress themselves, run downstairs, and Leyton does the showering from start to finish. I've witnessed it, and he means business. He sweetly gets Brannen to comply with all his directions... for scrubbing his hair, rinsing it under the water, and washing 'everything' that needs cleaning. I heard Leyton say, "Brannen, it's time for the armpit squeeze" which means he takes the soapy poofy and helps Brannen squeeze it in his armpit to get clean. It's been pretty cute to watch. This day specifically that I have the pictures from below, he took it as far as dressing him from head to toe. Even the diaper! I had never seen that before... It is so fun watching them grow together!

Lego Boys

The boys have a new found love for Legos. This is, of course, 100% supported by Brad (and instigated and encouraged... since then he can just stay a big kid, which is good for all of us!). Though it is not an inexpensive hobby, it has been very fun watching Leyton and Brannen use their imaginations to create things left and right. Leyton can get a new big box of Legos and follow the instructions himself from start to finish to build whatever it is, such as this picture of the house and camper. What timeless fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Girly Slumber Party

This week was Spring Break for Hillcrest School. Hence, we had a big girly slumber party at our place with 6 girls ranging from age 4 to age 10 (Hannah, Karly, Gracie, Bella, Lilly, & Sophie) and, of course, my 2 little boys. Exhausting, but very fun! We started with pizza and games, including a marathon round of Just Dance on the Wii. Then we made green cupcakes with green frosting (for St. Patrick’s Day). Next, we had a nail salon set up and painted fingers and toes as crazy as they wanted them. Finally was a movie with Oreo Blizzards and popcorn for treats. Other than Leyton asking “Why are all of these girls here?”, he had a lot of fun with everyone. Brannen was just along for the ride, but made it up ‘til about 1:15am with everyone else (sorry parents if you had any trouble the next day…:) ). Lots of fun memories for sure!

The baking:

Dress up play:

Hannah doing a little Wii dancing:


The nail salon:

How many small children can I "safely" get up onto the counter???

While I was busily painting 12 little hands, I looked up at Brannen (yes he was on the counter) and he had helped himself to a delicious cupcake.... without his hands!

The evidence. He didn't just do it once, either... He sneakily did it 3 completely different times.

Movie time:

And finally, to bed: