Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time to Go Sledding!

A week ago Sabbath, we had a bunch of people staying at our house for the weekend (Grandma Joyce, Doug, Gracie, Vonnie, Clifton, Nessa, Savannah, & Tyson) and some others came for the day (Jolene, Breighton, Brienne, & Brooklyn.) It was a wonderful day! It was perfect weather for sledding - very warm, so the snow was wet enough and you could really fly. For me to enjoy a day sledding, it really does have to be fairly pleasant :) Here are a bunch of pictures of our outdoor sledding excursion:

Savannah, Brannen, & Nessa

Vonnie & Jolene

Leyton & Brannen

Nessa bringing Savannah back up the hill

After this ride, Brannen wasn't too excited about going down anymore, since some snow was flying up into his face...

Leyton, Savannah, & Nessa

Brooklyn, Breighton, & Brienne - notice how Brienne is posed

Savannah, Nessa, & Leyton coming back up

Even Rocko gets to ride - with Jolene & Breighton

Brannen insisted on posing just like Brienne was - for several shots

He'd stand behind the group ready to go down next, and say "READY? REEAAADDY?"

Then, he'd push them off, and stiffen up with excitement as he watched them sled down.

Leyton was brave enough to soar down by himself... several times!

Nessa & Brano

Savannah thought she'd try by herself, too.

Look closely at her face. Just as she was starting to go, Rocko spazzed out at her and spooked her. Then all you could hear was "MOM, MMOOOOOMMMMM!" in a panicky voice. She made it just fine, though!

Brienne, Leyton, & Brano

Auntie Susie with Savannah

Just the two little ones went by themself, then

I did finally get Brannen to go down with me again.

Nessa and Savannah

It was a blast!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Frost

I know, it is very very late (2:30 am). But it is not very often I'm up after my kids are in bed (since I usually fall asleep with them, or more accurate would be to say I fall asleep right in the middle of a sentence of the book I'm reading them to bed...). So I thought I'd post a quick blog.

The last month has been amazing and sad and wonderful and full of fun, then an extra week of time with friends and family. We have really enjoyed the holidays, then two weeks after Christmas we said Good-Bye to Brad's Grandpa Kahler. He is known to my kids as Great Grandpa Kahler, but more recently he's been called 'Old Grandpa', which could sound insulting, but is fitting and was used respectfully...

About the pictures... This week - on Tuesday - we had the most beautiful frost I have ever witnessed. Just as it was falling off the trees, the sky turned blue, and it got even better! Then poof, it was gone. When I was looking at the pictures that evening, Leyton came to see them also, and completely spontaneously broke out into the song "Our God is an Awesome God." He is not one to break into song, and I had never even heard him sing that song before, so it was especially touching.

I will catch up on posting some pictures of our fun holidays as well. But for now, enjoy the frost!