Friday, December 25, 2009

Favorite Tree

On the way from Jamestown to Fargo, I have a favorite lone tree just south of the interstate. It's pretty in all of the seasons, but especially with the hoar frost on it last week. I love its solitary beauty.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sioux Falls Trip

Back in November, I went down with the boys to Sioux Falls to visit Sam and his family. It was a very fun trip with cousin's playing everywhere! It has taken me forever to publish this blog for 2 reasons: I'm posting a bazillion photos, and everytime I've tried to finish it Brannen gets on to the computer and undoes whatever I've done. With so many good looking kids, I wanted to share bunches of photos of our fun time:

Leyton & Zarin played so well together


Ky's new dog - a very cool one (already forgot his name tho)

Micah posing

Monkey face Micah

Brannen & Micah were buds

Kacey, Zarin, & Sam

Ky with his puppy

Afton & Micah

Braxon - took awhile for him and I to become buddies. Whoever knows Brannen knows that I understand how that works. But it didn't take long...

Afton, on the other hand, was all sweetness from the beginning...

Leyton asked to go to the park to play (a.k.a. Sam's back yard)


Brannen actually ventured down the slide



Now Afton's turn

Braxon, Afton, & Zarin on the tire swing

Braxon, Zarin, & Afton

Knock, knock

Braxon & Afton off to bed

Time to wake up - they were all trying to wake up Leyton

6 kiddos in the bed


Loving the Zarin face on this one

Brannen with Uncle Sam

Waving bye-bye as we drove away