Monday, November 30, 2009

Hannah's 10th Birthday

On Sunday, we had a day full of birthday parties! We first celebrated at the Saylor's for Ceyonna's 5th birthday. Then we went out to the Bohl's for Hannah's 10th birthday. She is the oldest in the bunch, and it's hard to believe she's 10 already. What a fun day it was! Later in the day, my brother Paul came in for a couple of nights (better known as "Unka Pawl"). It's been a fun couple of days!

Derek, Max, Chrystal, & Bella

Jeannie & Tara

Ceyonna & Violet


Corey & Lilly

Hannah opening presents

Spiderman Max

Grandma Wanda & Violet

Carla with her littlest Ceph

Brannen playing some tunes

Gracie & Corey

Cake time

The massive group of kids

The Dance Off:

Ceyonna, who had just celebrated at her 5th birthday party

I will upload a video of all of the kids dancing during the dance-off. I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Barn Party

Saturday night we went to a Barn Party at Bruce & Deanne Reinke's farm about an hour out of Jamestown (Forbes, ND - which I'd never heard of). It was a super fun time - and such a great alternative to the typical Halloween night activities. They have a spectacular BIG red barn and we climbed up steep narrow steps to get to the floor where all the fun was. Surprisingly, there were several families and even some relatives that were there that we knew from Hutchinson, MN (where Brad's family lived for several years). Chrystal and her family also came down from Jamestown. There was eyeball punch, gummy body parts & appendages, a crazy ghoul story that passed around surprisingly realistic feeling body pieces, a spooky walk through the woods that the kids loved, and lots of fun games. It was a spook-tacular evening! Deanne sure knows how to throw a party!

Tiffany Trana's daughter Sally

Leyton with gummy teeth

Derek heading down the steps to the barn

The spooky walk

Graveyard on the spooky walk


Deanne, the party hostess

Diane Sorenson going through the spider web

Susie & Chrystal

Max, Leyton, Susie, & Brannen


Great decorations

Deanne's daughter Renee

Chrystal & Bella (in her super cute new glasses)

Alea, Larry Jr, & Barron (Brad's relatives)

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins Friday evening. Then made a batch of really yummy pumpkin seeds. The boys had fun, but wouldn't touch the ickies inside. It was fun to let them play around with the markers and help to light them afterward.

First, Leyton drew the face to carve out.

Then added some finishing touches.