Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jaxon's 1st Birthday

Last weekend, we also celebrated little Jaxon's 1st Birthday. What a bash! He has a grandma and a great aunt that can really put it together in the kitchen - there was fabulous chili, knoephla, buns, muffins. So good, I didn't even need cake (now that's a shocker!). Another fun time with lots and lots of kids playing together. Jaxon is almost the baby of the gang, so it's lots of fun to watch him grow!

Time for presents!

Grandma Sue & Papa Mike with Violet (she's actually the littlest tike in the group)

Reading a new book with Uncle Josh

Bella loving on Papa Jerry

Totally not interested in the cake.

Okay, fine, I'll touch it.

But I'm not going to really get into it until I have a spoon.

Now, this is yummy!


Leyton & Cullin playing

Will playing ball

Clean up time!

Weekend fun

This was last weekend that we had all the fun! This weekend I'm a working woman. It still amazes me how quickly our house can get destroyed with 3 boys in it for just a day...!

William & Brannen snacking on Oreos. Yum.

Then, of course, the bath

Hard to resist cute little buns.

A trampoline, right in Brannen's room! (It hasn't been used as a bed in quite awhile, unfortunately).

Bella at Fall Festival

The favorite prize - a hugongous candy necklace.


The last few weeks, we (I mean Brad) have been installing what will soon be 8 new windows in our house! We realized as we started painting the exterior of the house (which won't be completed until next spring unfortunately because winter decided to come too soon) that the windows desperately needed replacing. Brad is rather amazing. After getting advice and a couple of hours of help from Jerry Rittenbach with the 1st window, Brad was able to shim up and install all of the others. I am again surprised at Brad's ability of tackling a new home project, and I love how the windows have changed the way the house looks. They look great!

The daunting task of 8 new windows to install

Starting with the 1st window - in Brannen's room

Oh no, it's not going to fit... Plea to Jerry Rittenbach to come and help us out!

On to the next two windows in Leyton's room. The empty holes in the house look scary bigger than when the windows are in there.

The look with the new windows in!

Leyton helping Brad caulk one of the windows in our room.

The last ugly window that remains (we are waiting for the right one to be shipped to us, as it was missing some parts.) Mom, if you remember this is the window we recently slashed the screen on so I could climb through at 12:30 am after you got locked in the bathroom :)

The kitchen window - before...

The kitchen window - during...

The kitchen window - after... This window makes the most difference in all of the house.

What I found Brannen doing after I came in from helping outside with the kitchen window. Yes, that is our sugar bowl.


The look of mischievousness.

This is how I did it mom... He had the most hilarious giggle after I caught him.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun

All You Need Is Love

Congratulations to Olga Lang & Floyd Rodin! They were married today, and we went to celebrate with them after the ceremony. They are both sweetly in love!

Olga with her 2 sisters