Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For the Love of SVACA

On Sunday, though it was chilly & rainy, we entertained ourselves with SVACA. SVACA is the Sheyenne Valley Arts & Crafts Association that is held in Fort Ransom every year. It's such a fun thing to say - SVACA. We've gone 3 years in a row now, and always make it back with something 'just perfect.' Last year it was a red wooden cabinet with doors that we have our dvd's in (at the time when Brannen's favorite thing to do was pull every one off the shelf and open them all up...). This year I found a perfectly sized wooden bench seat with a lidded top for the back garage entrance. Now I can keep some of the extra shoes and such neatly tucked away. Yea! Here is a few pictures of the fun we had!

As Chrystal and I say - "SVACA make-a me crazy!"

Brad & Tara


Christina, Teree, & Chrystal

Baby Violet, Jeannie, Sue, & Chrystal

Ethan, Derek, & Leyton with marshmallow guns

Bella and her 'pet rock'

Max and his new hat

Brannen loving the kettle corn

The new bench!


We have ALOT of work to do!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun in Fargo

Last Thursday, Brad had an optician conference in Fargo. I was able to trade and get the time off, so we had a fun-filled couple of days in Fargo. The first many pictures are at the Children's Museum at Yunker Farms. It was quite entertaining, and the kids had a blast. We ate out at Johnny Carino's - Yum! And swam in the nice pool at the Ramada, where we stayed. Water slide and all, though Brannen wasn't too excited about the slide. It was some fun family time!

This was just plain gross!

On the way home, we drove right under a plane sprayer. It was quite fun to watch.

Gaming with Grandma

We have Grandma and Grandpa Kahler here with us this weekend! It's been a fun day of enjoying the nice weather while relaxing at home. And, of course, eating a lot. Not necessarily good eats, since I'm the one in the kitchen. I actually managed to flop mash potatoes today, but they were still edible at least... The good apple crisp at the end made up for that. We laid out on a blanket on the lawn this afternoon and Brad got a good nap in.

Leyton loves Grandma coming, since it's games, games, games! She is best known as the 'game grandma.' It's fun watching them play, and it's usually a pretty good match. They've played about a dozen already this evening!

Yea, playing games!

Just before this game, Leyton said, "Grandma, let's play again so this time you can win."

Didn't work, Leyton won again. The smile of victory.