Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fargo Airshow - August 23

We went to the Fargo Airshow on Sunday...without mommy! It gets easier and easier to go out and about now that Brannen is a bit older. It was a good day at the show. Got there a bit late so really just saw a trick plane and then the Blue Angels. Found a good spot for the show, set up the umbrella and blanket, and made ready...

Business End of A-10

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sabbath Adventure

On Sabbath the boys and I slept in a bit and decided to go to Little Yellowstone and Clausen Springs to go for a hike and to check it out for a future camping trip. We did get a bit turned around and ended up in Kathryn for a bit and decided to play at the park. We went to Little Yellowstone first and hiked for about an hour. Leyton really had a blast, I had a hard time keeping up with him. He kept wanting to cross the creek, and I had Brannen and the camera. (Susie would have freaked out). It was a great day to hike. Sunny and warm but not too warm. Took a few pictures on the trail. Here they are.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Leyton is 5

Brannen is 2

Took this picture Sabbath after church.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ahoy Matey!

Avast, me hearties! Yesterday, we had a big pirate birthday party for Leyton & Brannen. It was a swashbuckling good time. We snacked on some grub - fishy crackers, chips, veggie pizza, fruit, candy, & other goodies. The kids enjoyed dressing up with a bunch of pirate gear and tattoos I found. They all took turns 'walking the plank.' They also played a game of 'pop the cannonball' - using their swords they each had to pop the balloons filled with candy loot. The highlight was having the big castle bounce house. Brannen wouldn't go in there for hours, but finally after he did he just giggled and had a great time. He'd shout, "Seat drop, YEA!!!" We had 20 kids here - ages 8 months to 9 years old. What a blast! Grandma Mary even came over from Bismarck for the party. And after a cloudy and rainy morning that had me a bit worried, the weather was beautiful, too! What fun and what memories. Ayyyye, matey!

Filling the balloons with candy loot before the party

Doubloon cupcakes

Bounce time!

Gracie, Karly, & Bella Yo-ho-ho!

Landlubber Leyton

Christina with Jaxon

Me Hearty Sophie

Privateer Brannen


Scallywag Ethan

Shiver me timbers!

Group of sprogs

Hannah Her sister Lilly

Daniel Karly

Scoundrels in training

Lasses Lilly, Bella, & Ciarra

Sea Dog Cullin

Buccaneer Leyton & his hostage

Leyton & Cullin swashbuckling while walking the plank

"Happy Birthday to You"

Cake time!

Arrr Matey!

Sophie popping the cannonball

Grabbing the loot


The littlest (and cutest) pirate

Gracie and her baby sister Violet

Mike, William, Brad, & Brannen

Derek & Karly bouncing away

After several hours, Brannen finally got into bounce - and wouldn't get out!

Kisses to Grandma Mary

Grandma and her Matey's