Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Golfers

Leyton and Brad golfed their second round of 9 together last week. They golfed out at Hillcrest Golf Course again. It was a gorgeous day, but starting getting cold as the evening went on, so I had to take them out extra layers of clothing and found it a perfect chance to snap some pictures of them golfing together. Leyton generally does not handle cold well, yet he didn't complain at all, so he must really enjoy golfing. In fact, we just bought him his first set of clubs that are just his size. I'll put up some pictures of that next...

More gardening pics

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time to Garden

Last night we spent some time out in the garden. We extended our garden plot this year, so can't wait to see all the yummy fruits and veggies we will get. Brad's had a lot growing in the greenhouse already. I planted 4 types of basil out back that we started early - and there are many many more plants started that we haven't figured out what to do with yet. This is a video of the boys working in the garden, planting the beans. When the weather is right, it is so nice to be out digging in the dirt.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cute Spongebob Story

We're Spongebob fans in this house. I know, you either love him or you don't like him at all. Brannen calls him Bob Bob. There's an old episode where Spongebob gets to be the 'HALL MONITOR'. It's a pretty big deal to him, and while he saying his oath to hall monitoring, he says several times .... "IN THE HALL" .... "IN THE HALL" .... "IN THE HALL". Last night, the boys were taking their bath and I kept hearing Leyton say "AL-CO-HOL".... "AL-CO-HOL".... I asked him why he was saying that word (because he shouldn't even know what that is), and he said "Because Spongebob says it, you know, when he is the Hall Monster." Got quite a kick out of it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trautman's Grove

Last Sabbath, we went down to Trautman's Grove to go hiking with Mike and Danel and their kids Karly, Cullin, and William (and their 2 new puppies Boca & Stripples). It is just a few minutes out of Jamestown, along the Pipestem, so we were able to see some the crazy high water levels. It was such a nice walk. Somehow, we came home tick free, but our friends we were with managed to find quite a few ticks. Still get the eeby-jeebies just thinking about ticks.

Spring Time!

Our first campfire this spring! It was a beautiful night. Brad enjoys them much more than I do, since it's rather nervewracking for me to have two small children near fire. And they want to copy everything daddy does, which involves playing with the fire. We enjoyed marshmallows, as you can see! Can't wait for the many more we will have.

Eager Beavers

Just recently Leyton had his final Eager Beaver ceremony where he received his scarf with the various honors he'd earned this year. Eager Beavers is part of our church youth program, similar to a boy scout type club (but with boys and girls.) This was his first year involved, and boy did he enjoy it. It was out at the Cleveland Church, and the leader in the pictures is Cheryl Erickson.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Leyton's 1st Time Golfing Cont...

Leyton makes a putt!

Leyton's 1st Time Golfing

Leyton has really wanted to go golfing. I decided last night we should go. We rented a cart and he got some kids clubs to use. It was great. Leyton loves to golf. He was totally in to it. He was having so much fun that he wants to play again today he said. We will be golfing a bunch more this summer. Here is a cool video of how he tees off.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grandma Mary

Grandma Mary came to visit last week. She was up with the boys until wee hours of the night because they were so excited! The following day we 'got our crazies out' and shopped, until the boys both derailed in Maurices. Brannen was adamant about holding the bag of gummy bears I was using to occupy him. Then he'd put a ton of them in his mouth so they were all sticky, and let them fall out of his mouth. Had to end that game. Hence the biggest tantrum he's had in quite some time... And Leyton had a new toy he couldn't open until we got home because there was so many pieces and he was going nuts waiting to play with it. It was still quite fun to have mom over here. The last picture shows her new haircut, style, and new eyeglasses. Nice!

To the Bismarck zoo

The boys love animals. When we were in Bismarck a couple of weekends ago was about one of the first spring days nice enough to be outside without coats and snow boots. It was a blast to walk all around. Especially nice was the new cat exhibit. The snow leopard is gorgeous. And the tigers kept playing and sitting on top of the glass tunnel we were in. They fed the goats and clydesdale horses, too.

A couple weekends ago

A couple weekends ago we spent a night in Bismarck. Brad's Grandpa Leo was visiting from Arizona. It was so wonderful to see him, and to spend time with Aunt Jolene, Breighton, Brienne, and Brooklyn. Breighton and Brienne had just had their wisdom teeth out, but were such troopers in having fun and playing with the kids.

Grandpa Leo feeding Brannen mashed potatoes off the serving spoon.

Hailey giving kisses to Brannen (gross!)

After church - it was beautiful outside

Leyton was introduced to Playmobil. He absolutely loved them and played for hours!