Tuesday, April 7, 2009


On Sabbath I awoke before the family (surprisingly, since there is no better sleep than on Sabbath morning it seems). And for some reason, each sleeping boy was so incredibly precious. Leyton was cuddled up with some stuffed animals. And Brannen (who had made it out of his crib and into our bed about 4am) was snuggled way into Brad. It was sweet.

After church, we were invited over to Teree and Jerry Rittenbach's for a fabulous lunch. It was a nice afternoon relaxing with friends. Brannen was fairly low maintenance for a change, quite content most of the day. He just roamed around their house all day and played. When we got home at almost 7pm, he hadn't even napped yet. He was sitting in his high chair enjoying a sucker when he literally passed out in the middle of a bite!

Notice the pile of blue sucker drool!

We finished off the evening with game night at our house. We had three families over and enjoyed Settlers, Boggle, Scattergories, Wii, and some good food - especially Reuben Dip that Josh made, and some yummy caramel rolls from Ben. What fun!