Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

Starting the easter egg hunt.

Leyton helped Brannen find the first egg.

Brannen finally realized there was some good stuff in the eggs, and wouldn't put the candy down.

Leyton found a present in the microwave. So excited the door bounced back and bonked him in the forehead. Ouch.

Checking out the goodies.

New set of shades.

Dyeing the eggs.

Blue disaster. If you look closely, there is blue dye splattered on both of their faces.

When I came home last evening, Brannen was passed out on the living room floor. And actually got a full 12 hours of much needed sleep last night!

Brad and Leyton spent the rest of the day while I was at work playing all of his new games.

Weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Kahler

This last weekend we spent Friday night and Sabbath up at Grandma and Grandpa Kahler's farm in Goodrich. Brad preached on Sabbath. We weren't able to play much outside, more because of the crazy wind and chilly-ness than the mud. We were able to see several deer out the window, though, which Leyton thought was pretty neat. And there were endless amounts of blackbirds flying about. It was fun to look at the albums Grandma has put together of the different families. Seeing all the pictures of Brad & his dad as babies, no wonder my boys are pretty cute (at least I think so...).

We got up to the farm Friday night about 10 pm. Of course, the games came out right away!

Leyton on Sabbath morning after staying up and playing games with Grandma until 1 am. He just wouldn't wake up!

Brannen at Sabbath School.

Leyton at Sabbath School, playing animal dominoes.

Brannen playing some tunes.

Pretty easter flowers.

Brannen after a much needed 3 hour nap, that he took in the van in his car seat. Brad and I went to check on him about every 5 or 10 minutes thinking he wouldn't sleep long... Three hours later he woke up!

Brannen playing with Grandma.

Leyton in the kitchen - he was using a "fly flyer" (aka fly swatter) to kill off some flies.

Grandpa tickling on Brannen.

Leyton's silly

Last night I was tucking in Leyton after I got home from work. We were just talking and I was telling him that I was proud of him today - how sweet he was, how nice he played with his brother, etc. (we've been having some issues this week with very sassy naughty talk). He said then, "That's because it's Easter." I said back, "Are you only going to be a nice boy on Easter?" He said, "No, Christmas, too." What a stinker!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our day in Bismarck

Yesterday, the boys and I spent the day in Bismarck visiting family. We spent most of our day with Grandpa Nick and Great Grandmother.

The boys had fun with Grandpa Nick. Can coolers turned into footballs and they played catch most of the day. And dad was gracious enough to do my taxes this late in the year. Thanks Dad!

We also visited Grandma Mary, Grandpa Dan, and Uncle Paul. It was a great day!

Eating their lunch at Grand's table.

Playing hide and seek with a miniature bronze pitcher.

Leyton was playing that the little window was a store. He would shut the shutter and say he "Closed up shop." They are counting out the paper clip monies.

What a fun & grand great grandmother!


On Sabbath I awoke before the family (surprisingly, since there is no better sleep than on Sabbath morning it seems). And for some reason, each sleeping boy was so incredibly precious. Leyton was cuddled up with some stuffed animals. And Brannen (who had made it out of his crib and into our bed about 4am) was snuggled way into Brad. It was sweet.

After church, we were invited over to Teree and Jerry Rittenbach's for a fabulous lunch. It was a nice afternoon relaxing with friends. Brannen was fairly low maintenance for a change, quite content most of the day. He just roamed around their house all day and played. When we got home at almost 7pm, he hadn't even napped yet. He was sitting in his high chair enjoying a sucker when he literally passed out in the middle of a bite!

Notice the pile of blue sucker drool!

We finished off the evening with game night at our house. We had three families over and enjoyed Settlers, Boggle, Scattergories, Wii, and some good food - especially Reuben Dip that Josh made, and some yummy caramel rolls from Ben. What fun!