Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DAA Gymnastics Show

Saturday was the Jamestown Regional. Brad said it was a great Sabbath, but I had to work most of the day. DAA Gymnastics performed in the evening - Brad's cousins' Tabby, Breighton, & Brienne are all on the team. They performed and looked great out there. Of course, it takes me back to my high school days... I was surprised that I was still able to pull off a hand to hand, with the strong basing of Ben. It was fun playing around again on the mats... but I'm still sore (and it's Tuesday...).

Ben & I still can do a hand to hand!

Kiddos enjoying the show. Then Brannen found himself a spot on Cullin's lap.

Breighton on the chairs & Brienne's girls duo routine.

Jeannie, Hannah, Lilly, Violet, & Gracie Bohl.

Brannen & Brienne after the show.