Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

It's March 31, and the snow just won't stop coming down! Luckily, it's still almost 30 degrees... The Anne Carlsen Center, where I work, are still relocated throughout 4 different areas in the city due to the risk of our Center flooding and the threat that poses to the kids we support. So the extra snow/moisture only complicates flood issues. Last night, the boys went out to snowblow with daddy. It was all fun, until Leyton walked on the wrong side of the snowblower and turned into a snowdrift himself. He wasn't so happy about it!

Brannen on the potty

Brannen is just starting to show interest in going on the potty. We are having fun with it, for now, and haven't had any successes yet. It's always so cute to see them on the potty for the 1st time.

DAA Gymnastics Show

Saturday was the Jamestown Regional. Brad said it was a great Sabbath, but I had to work most of the day. DAA Gymnastics performed in the evening - Brad's cousins' Tabby, Breighton, & Brienne are all on the team. They performed and looked great out there. Of course, it takes me back to my high school days... I was surprised that I was still able to pull off a hand to hand, with the strong basing of Ben. It was fun playing around again on the mats... but I'm still sore (and it's Tuesday...).

Ben & I still can do a hand to hand!

Kiddos enjoying the show. Then Brannen found himself a spot on Cullin's lap.

Breighton on the chairs & Brienne's girls duo routine.

Jeannie, Hannah, Lilly, Violet, & Gracie Bohl.

Brannen & Brienne after the show.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brannen & his books

Today was a very sweet thing. Brannen had been quiet for quite some time. Had me quite nervous - usually that means he is on the telephone, digging through the dvd's, or being destructive in some way. I found him in his bedroom, on the rocking chair, surrounded in books. And he sat there entertaining himself with the piles of books for quite a bit longer, even. Lately, our routine has been to read several books prior to naps and to bed. We love the Dr. Seuss board books. Brannen will say "boo" ("book" without the "k") as he runs to his bookshelf to pick out the ones he wants to read. I cherish the littleness yet, as the time is flying so fast.

Leyton's 1st model

Brad has been helping Leyton with his 1st model and Leyton is thrilled. It's a Star Wars ship, which makes him even more excited. And it is an easier version of the one's Brad does - a prepainted snap-tite, so he really is able to help with it. It's fun to see them working on them together.

Bohl times

The last week was a tough one for the Bohl's, but allowed us to have some extra fun. Little Gracie Bohl (the 7 year old who had the rollerskating birthday party) was hospitalized for almost two weeks after her appendix ruptured. Part of her time was here at the Jamestown Hospital. Then the 2nd surgery and recovery was at Meritcare in Fargo. While she was getting better, we were lucky to have several days and nights with two of Gracie's sisters - Lilly (3 years old) and Hannah (9 years old). They are so sweet and well-behaved. This last weekend, we spent the night in a hotel in Fargo with the girls. It was really alot of fun - swimming, watching movies til late, a good breakfast in the morning, and some shopping. Lots of prayers have gone up for Gracie. She is finally home and on the mend.

A couple of weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago, the weather was just right again to play outside with the boys. This was prior to the thawing of much of the snow, then rain, and now it's been snowing again for the past two days. In deciding to go out to play, my 4-year-old threw the biggest tantrum and fight for not wanting to go out and play. I almost gave up in trying. But had to stay determined so that he wouldn't "win". We finally got out there, and, as you can see, it was very much worth it!!!

Leyton drew our family in the snow. It goes Brannen, Mommy, Leyton, then Daddy.

This was right at the end, Leyton had just gotten snow in his sock. His world ended, as you can see.

Jodi is the big 3-0!

A good friend of ours, Jodi Dossenko, turned the dreadful thirty (according to her). So we made it extra fun by accentuating how old she really is. It was a fun-filled evening of good food, laughter, and a game of pictionary. It is so nice to have great friends!