Monday, January 19, 2009

What's left of the snowman...

Here is what's left of the 4 foot tall snowmen we built back on December 10 - they're just barely peeking out of the snow in our front yard.

Myndi fun

We were very lucky to have my good friend Myndi and her husband, Greg, visit from Lincoln, NE. And even luckier when they got stuck here an extra day because of a snowstorm, flurries, and poor road conditions. Leyton and Brannen had so much fun with them, and their dog named Honey. It became a little redundant and almost insulting when Brad kept talking to the dog, and I thought he was talking to me... :) The morning they had to leave, Leyton just sobbed big tears because he didn't want Myndi to go. It was sweet. When I asked him why he liked her so much, he said "Because she's nice, she likes animals, and she liked playing Nerf guns with me." It's so nice to have great friends!

Time in Bismarck

On the 1st of the year we went to Bismarck to spend some time with Grandpa Nick & Grandma Mary. We took the gray stow away cat to my mom's - it now bears the name Ernie and is loved like crazy in his new home. We also got to do some shopping, mostly for some new clothes for Brad. And ate out at Johnny Carino's with Brad's Aunt Jolene and her girls. Yum!

For the love of peas!

Brad's new toy

We finally got a snowblower - just before Christmas, and we were lucky to find one in town. We've had about 4 big snowfalls since then, and Brad has had a smirk on his face each time because then he gets to "have fun" snowblowing. Would be miserable for me, so I'm thankful I don't have to worry about shoveling or anything of the sort!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter fun

This was our first snow outing - on Christmas day. Boy was it frigid. Floridian Savannah did way better withstanding the cold than my little ones.

This was the weekend after Christmas that we spent down at the Schumacher farm. There was finally a 'warm' day to go out and play! Brannen and Savannah just loved being outside. Brannen was quite possessive of the snowmobile and didn't want to get off of it after quite a long ride... And he loved the cats, too (one of which that later snuck home with us, as you know...). Leyton was really pretty sick that weekend, with a cough and fever, but did eventually come outside to play for a little bit. I had a blast riding the big tube behind the snowmobile with Vanessa and Brienne. And the kids had a little ride too, and loved it. What fun we had!

More from Christmastime

Nessa & Susie

All out Nerf gun war (Savannah is hiding under the basket)

Savannah with new winter gear!

Tyson wrastling with the kids. Tyson looks like he won.

Savannah & Brannen with Grandpa

Nessa making "Hu Hot"

Brotherly love

Notice Brannen's shirt - sad but true

Grandma playing Little People with the boys

Grandpa Clifton with Brannen

Savannah, Brannen, & Leyton

Brannen has some crazy bed head

Brannen, Savannah, & Leyton with 'Ernie'

Brannen studying with Tyson