Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alumni Weekend 2008

Hawk Tree

Sunday morning of Alumni Weekend Scott and I played Hawk Tree. It was raining for the first 6 holes. We almost left after playing nine. But decided to keep going once the rain stopped. We had a lot of fun and it is such a great course. The greens were awesome and the course was in really great shape.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sabbath Evening Campfire

The boys love to do campfires (me too). We have a bunch of scrap wood to use up and it is the perfect time of year to have a small fire. Brooklyn came out and sat with us. It was fun to have her here last weekend. Leyton has her doing everything he can think of. I hope she likes being his ragdoll.

Nature Walk

Last weekend we had quite a houseful. Tyson was here, G&G Kahler, and Jolene, Brooklyn, Breighton and Brienne. It was a really nice day out and so we had to get outside and enjoy the fall weather. Chyrstal, Sue, and the kids all went for a walk out at Trautman's Grove.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Grandma Mary comes to visit...

Grandma Mary came over just to visit and spend time with the boys. It was wonderful, as expected. It's so nice to be with family. The best part: Brannen had a rough night and I spent quite awhile trying to calm him and get him back to sleep at 4am. Mom, being a night owl, was awake and played with and soothed Brannen from about 4:30am to 5:30am. What a treat for Brad and I. She stayed up with Leyton for quite awhile, too, and they read stories, and talked and talked. Thanks, mom!

Playing In The Leaves

The cold weather is really upon us now. It is getting cooler, but still pleasant at least. Tyson had a big pile of leaves piled up in the front yard and the boys all had a good time diving around in them.

Uncle Tyson Came To Visit!

Uncle Tyson came. Leyton had been asking for a long time if he was coming. The boys love him so much. Brannen suprisingly takes to Tyson very quickly every time we see him, which isn't really that often. He just likes Tys. They woke up together, went outside together and ate and played together. It is great to have Tyson come to visit.

Closet Work

The boys needed a better closet system, so I thought I would take down the closet in Leyton's room and then it turned out to be a plywood wall. So that was bad. So I framed up a new wall for the boys' closet. Here is the progress so far.

Foot in Mouth would have been better!

Try foot through ceiling...It was loud, only because I was screaming on the way down. I went in until my knee. But I didn't quite know when I would stop, I am a big boy. (In general it sucks to stick your foot through your ceiling and is under no circumstances a quick fix.) I was working above the boys closet and when I was crawling out of the attic I slipped and that was pretty much it. Here is the evidence.

Eager Beaver

Leyton is now an Eager Beaver. He went to club meetings 3 times now, so he gets a shirt. He was pretty proud of the shirt. He comes home with something they made each time. He also tells us about the stories he learns. He is getting big, and it sort of makes dad feel old.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Corn Mazing in Valley City

It was a very fun day today, as we spent the afternoon at a huge corn maze in Valley City. Brad was the leader of the pack - keeping the 13 kids entertained, involved, and not lost. The kids all had a buddy so we could keep better track of them. And there was more than just the maze, too - a pumpkin bounce house, corn 'sand' box, rubber tire horses, tunnels, a see saw, a corn cob launcher, pedal cars and lots of other stuff. It was definitely a fall day, but beautiful with the sun out most of the time and the wind pretty reasonable for ND... What fun!