Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip to Minneapolis - part 3

Well we had a great time in Minneapolis. Friday morning we went to IKEA. We spent a bunch of money and had a good time. So much to look at there. On the way back Judith wanted to drive, so she drove from Alexandria to Fargo. We stopped in at Scheels to buy Judith a Twins t-shirt and baseball. We just kind of ran out of time in the cities. Here are a few pictures that show us coming home. That Friday evening Breighton, Bartley and Seth came over on their bikes and Kimber cam over to pick up Judith. We had such a fun trip to Minneapolis!

Old Spaghetti Factory

Judith this post is for you, and anyone who may get a kick out of watching a kid eat a lemon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Trip to Minneapolis - part 2

On Thursday we slept in a bit. We were up late watching a few shows. Judith commented on how it was interesting to hear the characters English voices. She said that they sound different in Germany because they are all voiced over in Deutsch. Once we finally got going that morning we made it to the Metrodome by about 11:15 for the noon game. This would be Judith's first baseball game. At the game we had good seats - right next to the Twins bull pen. I think Judith enjoyed herself. She really wanted to catch a foul ball but we had no luck, although some did come close. We had cotton candy, nachos, pop, and ice cream. This was also Brannen's first ball game. He slept through a good portion of it. And the Twins won the game!

After the game we cruised down to the zoo. We wanted to go to the IMAX theater, as it sounded interesting to Judith. It was on the Okavanga River Delta in Africa. Before the show we had about 15 min., so we thought since we have a zoo pass we would just go inside for a few minutes. Well that was a mistake!! Leyton had a fit and was hitting me he was so disappointed. I can't blame him though, he didn't understand why we would only go for a few minutes. We screwed up on that. Anyway the IMAX was in 3-D so Leyton kept trying to reach for the animals, they looked like they were coming out of the screen.

After the IMAX we cruised back downtown and went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We had a great time eating there and the food was delicious. Brannen had fun eating lemons and we will post a few clips of that. After we left stuffed we went back to the hotel and did some swimming and then off to bed. What a day!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip to Minneapolis - part 1

On Wednesday the 18th we took a trip down to Minneapolis. We went down to go to a Twins game, the Mall of America and to do whatever else we thought would be fun. We had the privilege of having Judith(my 3rd cousin from Germany) come with us. The first thing we did was to go to the Mall of America. We had a good time there. We rode a few of the roller coasters and did the log ride. This was fun because Leyton and Judith enjoyed the rides a lot. We walked around a lot and looked in a bunch of stores. This was fun for the girls and yes, it was ok. We were walking around and we came to a store called 'Tall Girl'. Judith's mouth dropped open and she darted inside. Susie and Judith shopped there for an hour or so. The boys and I cruised the escalators. Judith found a lot of stuff she wanted to buy. She did get a few things but said she would go a store in DC and buy some more there, because flying home she can have 2 suitcases. She had such a smile on her face. Here are a few pictures of us at the 'Mall'.

Rewind to June...

Well we have been really busy for the past few weeks and have enjoyed every minute of it but this has left little time to share with others via this blog. It is hard to go back and try to capture all the fun, but I will try my best to post as much as I can. This past 3 weeks have been very special and our family will never forget the time we spent with our families. Let me preview what post should follow. Judith came in on June 16th and then we went to Minneapolis for 3 days and took in a few of the sites and entertainment. On the 24th Mom, Nessa and Savannah came and we are still having fun. Bought a van. On the 26th Robert came and spent a few days in Jamestown. We have gone to Fargo so many times I can't count. Bismarck almost as many and we went to Medora, Dickinson and finally we have been home for a few days. Last Sunday we had to say good bye to our Judith and Robert. We shed a few tears and lots of hugs. We vow to meet again. So enjoy the following posts and we always enjoy the comments.