Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tyson's Graduation Weekend

Tyson's Graduation Weekend was great. It was great to be together with all sorts of family and it was fun to see Tyson graduate. He looked accomplished in his cap and gown and he had a big smile on his face all weekend. This fall we will see him at Union. So we should end up in Lincoln a few times, and hopefully he can come up for some of his breaks.

We had a lot of family together this weekend and it was wonderful to see everyone. For all of you that did not make it, you missed out. Hope everyone made it home safe. We didn't get home on Monday until about midnight.

On Sunday evening Grandpa Kahler took us to dinner and then a little later back at the hotel we went swimming. It was Brannen's first time in the pool. At first he was a little scared, but that lasted only a minute. He loved it after that. I threw him up in the air and let him go under just a bit and he didn't seem to mind at all. The next morning Grandpa, Grandma, and Ian took off for home. Then we made our way to Minneapolis. We ate quick and dropped off Savannah, Nessa, and Dad at the airport. Then we made our way over to IKEA. We spent a bunch of time (and money) there. Got a cool lamp and some picture frames and much more... We said our goodbyes to mom, Tyson, and Jaymie.

On the way through Fargo we picked up our bikes from the Eichele's place in South Fargo. It was good to see them and they were so helpful in storing our bikes for the weekend. We saw there new place. Man is it nice. Jeannie decorates with just the right amount of neat stuff, not too much not too little. They still had some toys for the boys to play with and Jeannie said they kept most of them. I think she will be looking forward to grand kids.

When we got to Jamestown and turned right and drove past Hillcrest Leyton said, "Oh, we are home!" He loves being home. Less than 3 weeks and Judith is here...lots to prepare and get ready. Bis Spater.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Too much to do this week

This week has been another crazy week of running about. Susie worked the last two evenings so it is slow going when it is just the boys at home. Having mom home is so much better. We are getting ready to leave to Minnesota for Tyson's graduation this weekend. It is about 12:30am and I still have a bunch to do. I wanted to put up some new pics to share. The most exciting news this week is that Brannen got his first tooth! He is 9 months old. Well, I will post more when we get back from Minnesota.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I cannot find...

I am posting this is hopes that someone, someday can direct me towards finding these watercolor prints online. They are prints that I bought when I was in Rothenburg od der Tauber. They are not expensive and look great in a nice frame. The reason I am searching for these prints online is because I did not buy a couple when I was in Heidelberg. The shops were around the Holy Ghost Church. They had similar prints that depicted the Neckar river and the bridge with the two towers, and then some that showed the Schloss in the background. I am finally realizing that I should have gotten some. Oh well. But when you spend a lot of time looking for something on the Internet you get frustrated. The pictures that I bought in Rothenburg were from the Kathe Wohlfart Christmas store. So this may be futile and crazy but you all know how it is when you get an idea like this... If you would happen to find something similar please leave a comment. Thanks!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting our crazies out...

It's been a fabulous two days - Mom, i.e. Grandma Mary, came to visit us in Jamestown. I had to work yesterday, so she was home with the boys. Her and Leyton played many games of Memory (and she didn't win a single game, I might add). They also played some MarioKart Wii. Today, we 'got our crazies out.' That's our coined phrase (from Brad) for when my mom and I go shopping together - every rack, every item, and we love it - especially the clearance. We did some downtown shopping, then to our little mall, then Walmart, and ended with a great meal at Paradiso. The boys did surprisingly well. She'll be another year older this week (we won't mention that awful number...), so we also celebrated Mother's Day & her birthday. There's just nothing like spending a day with your mom!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Susie's Trip to Sioux Falls


A couple of weeks ago the boys and I went down to Sioux Falls. Babies, babies, babies...! It was wonderful - 3 adults, 7 kids, and a puppy! The best entertainment was just sitting amongst the babies and watching them interact. Here are a bunch of pictures to show off all my loved neices and nephews! Kyler is such a man, Micah is so wonderful to play so well with Leyton who adores her, Zarin (age 2) is the coolest and calmest toddler I know, and the twins Afton & Braxon (11 months) have such fun personalities. Braxon is the more active and intense baby, and Afton has a sneakiness and girly sweetness to her. Brannen (8 months) was a pill, not letting me out of his sight the entire time. I am amazed at how Sam and Kacey manage it all - they make their 5 kids seem easier than my 2. Let's just say God gave me one baby at a time for a reason... It was sure wonderful to be with them and let all the cousins play!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sabbath Afternoon

Today has been a crazy day. We woke up to a blanket of snow. There was enough to cover the the grass. Not cool for the 10th of May. Global Warming, Global Shmarming...more like Global Cooling. Susie worked this morning so just the boys going to church. At the end of church Brannen finally fell asleep. He was very tired. Mike Bennett and his kids came over for Sabbath lunch...2 dads and 5 kids...what did we have....waffles! with scrambled eggs and hash browns. Delicious=) We took turns watching the kids and kind of dozed off at one point. Thankfully Brannen and William were napping and Leyton, Karly and Cullin were playing Veggie Tales computer games. The 3 bigger kids played outside most of the afternoon. Was very sunny but not very warm. We told Mike to hang out until late so we can play Mario Kart Wii. The kids love this game. Here are a few pictures of the afternoon...

This week...

This week was a busy week. On Sunday we met in Fargo. We went to Scheels and looked at as much as we could. The store has so much in it that you can't possibly get a good look at everything. We took our bikes there and got tune-ups on them. Susie's gears were not shifting right and my wheels needed adjustments. We picked up some curtain rods and new trims for the recessed lights. I am a lot happier with the trims. Now to install them...
Susie had softball on Tuesday night. She is on a new team this year, she is now playing with the Anne Carlsen Center team (where she works at). They seem to be a better group to play with than last year's bunch. They won both the games. The boys and I went even though it was about 50 degrees out and windy. Leyton seemed not to care and he would slide and roll in the dirt pretending he was playing. After the game we went to Taco John's. Didn't get home till 9:30.
On Thursday we had school board and we had some one from Otter Tail Power come and talk about the boiler we have and how effecient it was. Now I hope I remember what the gentleman said, but most boilers that are 40+ years old, like Hillcrest's, are not very effecient. He figured that our boiler would be running at about 50% effeciency and when they tested it, it was running 79% effecient. New ones are rated to run 80-83% effecient!!! We really can't explain that at all. What a miracle! The other part of this was we wanted to reduce our heating cost and had MDU look at our billing for the last 12 months. When we told the guy we were only paying about $7.5 per decatherm he said that can't be right. He said everyone else is paying about $10 per decatherm. He must have mentioned that about 6 times. But Jerry had our billing info and it was in black and white. So miracle #2! At these good rates we really can't justify a new boiler at this time.

Susie had Friday off and so we met for lunch and then after work we headed out to go to WalMart. I was suppossed to grab Leyton's boots but I forgot. So we headed to JCPenny's and got Leyton some new shoes. He needed some new ones anyway. They had some good sales so we ended up buying a few things each. Brannen didn't get anything. Then later we finally made it to WalMart. By that time it was getting pretty late and the sun was going down soon, so we just ran to Subway =). We had even planned to make a nice supper. But nothing ever seems to go as planned.
This week for Susie was nurses week. At ACCC she said that almost everyday they had treats or lunch and supper provided. This was very nice, and there was a sense of appreciation all week long. Things there seem to be quite volatile at times.
Well I should wrap up this post. Here are a few pictures from the week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sabbath Evening

Sabbath is almost over. The weather here today was so much nicer than Thursday and Friday. Only a bit of wind. Not 50+ gusts of wind. It has been a quiet couple of days. Susie and the boys went to Sioux Falls on Thursday and I will meet them in Fargo tomorrow. Need to hit a couple of stores and then we can meet for supper. I went to Jeremy and Chrystal's house for lunch today and we ate like kings. Chrystal is a very good cook. We rode 4 wheeler a bit and then fell asleep on the couch. Only slept a few minutes. Came home this evening and most of my plants in the greenhouse were quite dry, so I watered them well. The tomatoes look really good. The peppers are ok and a majority of the flowers are looking good. In the morning I need to mow the lawn for the first time this spring. Will also need to use the grass trimmer too. I fertilized this spring and my lawn is very green even though we have had only 1 little shot of rain.
I miss Susie and the boys and it has only been a few days. Can't wait to give them hugs. Till next time...